Refillable Kids’ Spray


Portococo Kids is a fun way to reinforce good sanitizing habits in children. The Refillable Spray Bottle--recycled from green-tea bottles--features a squad of goofy germ characters and can be refilled with our 6.7 FL. OZ. / 200mL Sanitizing Spray Refill.

Bottles for our Refillable Kids’ Spray are the product of a massive and successful recycling effort in Taiwan. There, empty bottles of green tea (the country’s most popular drink) are collected and sorted by volunteers with the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, one of Taiwan’s largest charitable organizations. All bottles are safely recycled together, resulting in a PCR PET in various shades of green! To make our kids’ spray bottle fully recyclable, simply separate the pump and remove its metal spring; all remaining plastic parts can go into your recycling bin.

1.0 FL. OZ. / 30mL

Size 4.5" H x 1.25" W

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