Black Hand Sanitizer Pouch


With this stylish accessory clipped to your bag, the things you need to stay clean and safe are always easy to reach. Use its zippered compartment and side pocket to carry your Portococo sanitizer sprays as well as sanitizing wipes, waste bags, and face masks. Included in this Carry Pouch are five compostable mini trash bags (6” x 9”) to safely stash waste items when not near a trash can.

Size: 7.5" x 4.75" / strap 11" 

Material: Nylon with vinyl trim and polyester lining 

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Shields
So convenient for my little Portococo Atomizer!

I string this pouch to my purse, and it's always at the ready with my Portococo--the best hand sanitizer! This makes forays out into the world easy: you come out of a shop, stop before you get in the car and open the pouch and give your hands a spray. It's so convenient and easy for our post-pandemic lives. Plus: the hand sanitizer itself is my favorite of all I've tried. It's juuuussst slippery enough to give you good coverage as you spread it around, and it dries wicked fast so there's no weird goopy feeling. I. Love. My. Porto.Coco. (I now it's really Portococo!).

Ashway Lawver
I Love my Portococo!

I love my Portococo!
I bought three for myself with the travel pouch, (which is very high-quality). I have one in my car, one in my fanny pack, and one in my workout bag! The sprays are super stylish and well-made, and the sanitizer is clean and refreshing feeling, not sticky! Every time I use mine someone asks me where I got it, so I decided to go back and buy six more as Christmas gifts! I love the fact that the sprays are refillable which is good for the environment. And as a conscious buyer, I try to buy high-quality and support companies that give back. This company supports the after school and education programs of the Boys and Girls clubs of Puerto Rico, so for me this was a win-win!

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